NspiredbyMimi | Year of Blush Dresses
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14 Oct Year of Blush Dresses

I have quite the obsession for BLUSH…..to say the least! It has become my new neutral this year. Honestly, I’m not a believer in the color myths, so I’ll continue to wear it all year long. And I definitely love to wear bright colors even if it’s not spring/summer, it’s a picker up for gloomy days. I mean who doesn’t love a white coat for the winter? I know I do!
I’ve attended many events this year and as I contemplate, I’ve worn this color for practically every occasion. You could say it’s my go-to color. With holiday parties soon approaching this color is picture-perfect. I for one learned my lesson last year to not procrastinate searching for a dress, so don’t do it either.
The dress pictured here I was fortunate to find at Burlington, one of those lucky finds! I bought it months back knowing there is always a party to attend. BUT not to worry, I have found many other blush budget-friendly dresses. See below for all my favorites.