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Hola Mis Amores!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Maria but I go by Mimi to my relatives and close friends. I am married to my best friend Steven and a Pitbull mommy to Bronzon & our new puppy Chanel. I was born in Virginia, raised in Nicaragua for 6 years, and then moved back to Virginia and lived here since then. I enjoy cooking, working out, traveling, volunteering in our community, and learning more about my faith.


Through my blog you’ll come to learn THREE things about me.

1 – I LOVE a deal! I’m always on a hunt for budget-friendly items whether is fashion trends or home décor. From time to time I do splurge myself but I believe there are many designer look-for-less deals. And I’ll share all my tips on scoring a great sale on all my favorite items.

2 – THEMES – I love having a theme for everything, it makes every moment memorable. From dinner parties, birthdays, to even holidays, there is always a theme! Honestly, it’s a strategic way for me to stay organized as I’m a type A person for everything. I’ve been sharing some of my home décor lately, so make sure to keep an eye on the upcoming holiday themes.

3 – DIY! I love doing things myself it’s a fragment of staying on a friendly-budget. My husband and I purchased our first home a year ago and it’s been a journey!


Thanks for stopping by my page and hope you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy sharing my ideas with you!



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Want to collab? Need wardrobe assistance? Having an event and need guidance? I’m here to help! Email me at NspiredByMimi@gmail.com!

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