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25 Jun Natalia’s Nursery

Recently, Steven & I just welcomed our newborn niece, Natalia Alejandra, to the family! Oh boy, has she made Tia Mimi & Tio Steven work, clearly she follows her older sister, Isabella, and cousins, Santiago and Camila, path. Prior to Natalia’s arrival my oldest sister, Sirle, asked if we could add a unique touch to the baby’s nursery and of course I took it upon myself to make it my project and dragging along my husband, as always lol.

The nursery has chair rail molding throughout the room and had already been painted pink in the bottom and gray on top. Sirle wanted to create a striped accent wall with horizontal stripes on the upper part of the chair rail molding behind where the crib would be located. And so, our Sunday fun begun!

Before starting any project, I gather everything I need so I’m not looking for things in the middle of our project. We were ready to get our hands dirty, or should I say Steven was since he did the painting lol. My painting skill are not the best but nevertheless I am involved with helping him prep the room such as: gather paint brushes, paint, lader, painters tape, etc….

We measured the entire wall and divided the total measurement by an odd number because the first and last stripe need to be the base color of your choice. Once we figured out the measurements of the stripes we started to tape the wall. To keep track of which stripes would not get painted, we placed an X with painters’ tape in between the lines. Also, keep some towel rags nearby for any paint that creeps over on the tape or drops. This project took us about 6 hours but thankfully our hard work paid off! Once I rearranged the nursery, Sirle ended up loving it!

Stay tune for more home projects coming soon!




Below are the items/tools we used for this project:

  • Blue painters tape
  • Drop cloths
  • Wood stir stick
  • Pouring paint spout
  • Roller tray
  • Angled sash paintbrush
  • Roller
  • Paint roller extension
  • Tape measure