NspiredbyMimi | What has Mimi been up to?
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20 Jan What has Mimi been up to?

Hello and happy Sunday my loves!

Today is one of my favorite days of the week because we go to mass early morning and feel blessed for all the love and opportunities we have received.

Now it’s been a long minute since I’ve blogged what I’ve been up to in my life. It’s been tough setting time aside to focus on my blog. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve photographed content and just never got around to posting, but that’s one of my goals for 2019 – to finally stick with a routine. There really is no excuse or regrets because I live my life understanding there is a reason for everything, yes EVERYTHING! You may ask why, and my personal reason is because the good things in life I celebrate them and the bad – well it’s still a win for me because it taught me a lesson and made me grow.

When I started NspiredbyMimi, I wanted to share everything in my life, fashion, home projects, décor, travel post, etc. And now I would like to also share our new path in our faith. In no way am I an expert, I’m just a regular person trying to find meaning in our life’s and create a foundation for our family for when the time for mini Steven’s or Mimi’s join us in this world we can be the best role models in their life’s.

So, what has Mimi been up to? I’ve been busy making numerous changes in our home and soul. Vague much? Yes! It all started back in May 2018 after attending a church retreat. Unfortunately, as much as I’d love to share my full experience from the retreat I can’t. Reason behind is to allow other attendees to experience it without any prior judgement. It’s hard to understand but when I was invited by my older sister, I’ll let you know I annoyed her to say the least. Asking what I should take, where am I sleeping, what goes on at the cursillo, etc. Now that I look back I just laugh at all the annoying questions I asked and numerous phone calls I made to try and gain insight from her as she had already attended. After attending my cursillo, changes in the Garcia family started as soon as I returned home, and it’s been an ongoing practice.

Steven and I are both Catholic, but you could have said 8 months ago we were just seat warmers at our church. The cursillo allowed me to understand my faith and bring meaning to everything in our day to day life. It hasn’t been easy but what did help significantly was having a husband who truly tried to walk in the new path with me. Some of those changes include but not limited to praying as a family, reading the bible, volunteering in our community, and attending other retreats. As of now, we both have lived a cursillo which has made us even closer then I would have ever imagined. It has allowed us to heal unsolved wounds in our marriage and with our extended families. Something we would never had the courage to do if it wasn’t for having our faith present. As we continue to learn and grow with our faith, I will be sharing our experience with you all.

I look forward to this fresh start in 2019 and excited to share it ALL with you guys. From budget-friendly items, DIY’s, and Faith. Hope you guys are enjoying this 3-day weekend and would love to hear what changes you all plan to make for 2019.